What are the Cenacles of Life?

The Cenacles of Life are prayer groups that pray two rosaries (ten mysteries) offering the rosaries up with fasting. Each member fasts one day a week on bread and water, to end this culture of death. Those that cannot fast on bread and water, due to sickness or age, can offer up a day of fasting from their favorite thing (such as watching television or talking on the telephone.) They offer up their fasts - at the prayer group - with the rosaries prayed. The group prays:

1. The Prayer for the Protection of Religious Liberty (written by the Bishops of our nation)

2. The first Cenacle Rosary, using the Cenacle of Life meditations. We like to sing Ave Ave ! between the decades

3. The Prayer to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary (written by a mystic named Berthe Petit. This prayer was instrumental in ending World War I)

4. The second Cenacle of Life Rosary, using the Cenacle of Life meditations

The prayer group agrees to meet at least once a week. Some groups will meet twice a week! (preferably inside a Church, not a home) The Cenacles of Life are for renewing the Spirit of Life - from within the Church. It is the graces from these Cenacles that will be used to transform the face of the earth - and to defeat this war on life.

The word "Cenacle" refers to the Upper Room, where the Apostles would meet to pray with the Virgin Mary, after the death and Resurrection of Her Son. It is also where Jesus had His Apostles come for the Last Supper. It is where He instituted the Eucharist. "This My Body. This is My Blood, which will be offered up for the forgiveness of sins. Take and eat and drink, for this is truly My Body, which has been broken for you."

In the Catholic Church, the Tabernacle holds the Presence of the Lord. We gather around the Tabernacle, praying the rosary and offering our fasts, just as the Apostles gathered around Jesus at the Last Supper, in the Cenacle.

Why the Cenacles of Life?

We gather in groups to pray the rosary, for the more that gather in the Church to end abortion - the faster it will end. The Blessed Mother told the children at Fatima that, thanks to the rosary, all wars would end. For the rosary is a gift that God gave His Mother, to give to Her children. That is why we are to pray this prayer! The rosary is a gift that was designed by God to give to His children - so His Mother could intercede and crush the serpent.

So hasten all to the Church and proclaim a fast! For the devil will only be defeated by spiritual means, not physical. Satan is a spiritual being. The means to crush the serpent are from the Lord. Amen.

Where are the Cenacles of Life?

Cenacles are to be in each diocese. Each diocese should have a Cenacle of Life, to offer prayers for their dioceses - in renewing the face of the earth, and transforming our laws, which are under God.

How are the Cenacles formed?

Cenacles are formed through a person (or persons) that decide that they could go to their pastor and give him the material on how to start a Cenacle of Life in the Church. The pastor is told about the prayer group's mission - to pray to end this culture of death. Once the pastor agrees to let the Cenacle be formed, an announcement should be made at all Masses two weeks before it actually begins. It should be publicized in the Church bulletin as well.

Announcement at the end of Mass - and for the Church bulletin