Become Part of the Cenacles of Life!

The goal is to have at least one praying and fasting Cenacle of Life in every Diocese in the United States, as a gift to Our Lord, Who is so offended by abortion and all the crimes against the precious gift of Life. Let us pray in reparation, for surely we need to pray to the Lord that we are sorry. And let us pray in hope, asking, because of God's Mercy, for the graces needed for the defeat of the culture of death and miraculous Triumph of the Culture of Life, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Queen.

With faith, let us "light up" the United States with Blessed Mother's prayer groups! Become a part of this powerful prayer campaign, using Blessed Mother's rosary and fasting, week after week after week. Let us pray united for the same intention, all across the country. If there is not a Cenacle in your parish, it is easy to start one. If your Cenacle is the first in your Diocese, then we will be able to color your Diocese in - red for love. As St. John Paul II wrote in The Gospel Of Life, "A great prayer for life is urgently needed." [#100]

Please help this happen. What a great day it will be when the entire map is red, with at least one prayer group in every Diocese. Let us meet the goal together! At present, there are Cenacles of Life in 71 Dioceses/ 33 states. Praise the Lord!

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